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The 2nd World Biomaterials Congress Debate
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National Engineering Research Center for Biomaterials
Sichuan University
29 Wangjiang Road
Chengdu, China, 610064

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Information for Oral, Rapid Fire and Poster Presentation

The size of poster is 90*120-150 cm. Please find more details in the final program.

Information for Oral, Rapid Fire and Poster Presentation

Per the requests of some delegates, we have contacted a local printing agency who will provide poster design and printing services in Chengdu. Any delegate who needs the service, please contacts them via email57046504@qq.com or 5996562@qq.com directly. The delegates can provide the final abstract in any format, but TIF, PPT, AI, EPS or PDF will be preferred. The estimated cost of designing and printing each poster is 35 to 50 USD, depending on the size and quality. Please send your file and requirements in details to them before May 28. The printing agency will deliver the posters in the afternoon of May 31 and the morning of June 1 in the congress venue (near Registration), and the delegates need to pay by cash (RMB) on site for their service after receiving the printed poster. For more information, please contact the printing agency directly via email.

The congress secretariat only provides the information of the printing agency, and disclaims any responsibility.



Professor William Bonfield
Allan S. Hoffman Charles James Kirkpatrick Nicholas A. Peppas Kazunori Kataoka Rocky S. Tuan William Bonfield Yilin Cao Nadia A Rosenthal




Inter Continental Century City Hotel
Holiday Inn Hotel
General Information on Hotel Booking
The 9th WBC Congress Secretariat recommends a large number of hotels in different price categories. The majority of the hotels are located near the Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Centre or along the metro line 1. Please refer to the hotel map to see where the hotels are located. The numbers on the map refer to the numbers in the hotel list. Please find the short descriptions of the hotels below. The Congress has contacts with the hotels and a favorable price will be provided for delegates. The exact price could be got at the beginning of September, 2011 on the congress website, which will depend on the revalue of Chinese RMB.


May 15, 2011
Abstract online submission opening

September 1, 2011
Hotel and Congress registration opening

October 20, 2011
Deadline for abstract submission

December, 2011
Communication to authors on approved/rejected abstracts

April 29, 2012
Deadline for early registration

May 10, 2012
Issue of the final program

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